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WLTV is a reference channel dedicated to the world of luxury. Let's Dream about a World with exceptional Products.
Let's Share "The New Luxury Code", for a Better Life and a more Sustainable Planet.

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Green & Blue Economy

Raise awareness natural resources.

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Philanthropy Foundation

For a better life in our global village and a greener world.

Become a Premium Partner's Member

Each Brand can Sponsor 1 Billboard part of our 16 Thematics

Be exclusive

Each Premium Partner's Member will have the exclusivity for its sector of activity. In addition he will receive prestigious concierge services offered by World Luxury Key.

Priority to broadcast

Premium Partner's Member, will have priority to broadcast their own contents on

We produce your films

If a Member does not have his own films, we can produce them, and give him the best offer as Premium Partner's Member, ensuring him a perfect broadcast on world-luxury.tv.

Exclusive access

Premium Partner's Member will have the oportunity to know our next shooting programs and to select their favourite product placements (series, TV shows) GEM's Mansion Access.

Private Events

For the Events Produced by GEM. (eg: Cannes Starlette®, Creation of a live TV studio, World Luxury TV on a private beach during the International Film Festival of Cannes).

For your Communication

The Premium Partner's Member will be welcome to organize their own events (PR operations, B2B/B2C) for their best Clients & Prospects

BILLBOARD: Presentation of your Brand: sequence (5-7 seconds) showing your brand, logo, animation and announcing your partnership with the upcoming TV program. Each billboard will be broadcast 48 times a day or 2 times an hour.
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Editorial Content

16 thematics made of short subjects 1'30 to about 6 minutes giving priority to images. Voiceover available.

Production Content 4K


Get The Best Production Team And Equipement Of The French Riviera!
GEM is a key partner to support small or large production project, recognize for the quality of its professional equipment ranging from HD cameras. GEM is one of the few production companies holding a recognized expertise in the use of flying drone. Drones brings a unique filming touch "seen-from-above". We enjoys also an extensive portfolio of technician, entertainer.

HD Content produce & Broadcast live HD

Where you have internet connexcion you get world-luxury.tv on any device, available on Iphone & Android. We produce and broadcast live HD quality. Sales outstanding broadcasting a LIVE for ones of yours EVENTS, for a determined time. For example if you made the opening of a shop, a fashion show, We can broadcasts multiple cameras ans live on the events. World Luxury TV and your own website and social networks on our Iphone applications & Android, actualy working on windows phone appi.

PLACEMENT OF YOURS PRODUCTS Available in our Telecasts

Shoot Music Clips On The Best Spots & Venues Of The French Riviera!

GEM has a world recognized experience of video production with artists and especially DJs to shoot their performances at the best place French Riviera, Paris...GEM supports also artists to find the best spots in Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes or St Tropez to shot their promotions videos or music clips. We are also specialised in managing budget closely with an extensive use of product placement. Various local venues, shops or international brands are invited to join the production to reduce the cost to the artist.
ACTIVE Placement : TV journalist wears or uses your products during the show.
PASSIVE Placement : Your product is visible in the cameras fiels.

Global Events Management
Premium Partner World Luxury Club.

Global Events Management specializes in promoting and producing concerts, festivals, exhibitions, corporate events, music video, film production. GEM offers turnkey operations for all of your event communication its wide range of luxury services. GEM and its team can execute every aspect of production, including entertainment acquisition to animate your audience during your own private gala event, music concert, product placement, corporate meeting, or trade show in a amazing setting, against a backdrop second to none.

Production Team


Choose A Film Production Team For Your Prestigious Events and Weddings!
GEM bring the state of the art in production for individuals or companies to turn their event into a high range audiovisual product. GEM has been involded in countless corporate and brands production on the French Riviera, Paris and Hong Kong. We will turn your Wedding Day and Parties in an amazing movie with unique equipement, special effects, characters and so on. Not only the Wedding shall be the best party of the couple's life but also the best movie ever seen!

Telecast example 1

Title: SO CHIC
Type: Documentary
Concept: Understanding the realization, the manufacture of luxury items.
Objective: Open the scenes designing exeptional products.
Duration : 6 minutes Module 2 months;
Accessory: 1 design stool representing the identity of the show, on wich people will be interviewed.
WHY BECOME PARTNER? The image of the show is exeptional, the format has the finest luxury goods and exeptions of the world. The show brings together a wide audience, great for brand targeting a large audience with a high-end image.

Telecast example 2

Type: Documentary
Concept: A film team of our chain spends a day in a exeptional place to film behind the decorations(luxury, resorts).
Emission kind: For one day we follow concierge a bartender, a housekeeper, and the director the place to discover the scenes.
Objectives: To show places of exeptions.
Duration : 6 minutes Module 2 months.
Accessory: 1 design stool representing the identity of the show, on wich people will be interviewed.
WHY BECOME PARTNER? The show conveys decrypt prestigious wolrd, the image of the show is that of openness and relevant analyzes, perfect for the image of a top level company.
Partners will have a dedicated and exclusive access to world-luxury.tv.


Allowing them to know our next shooting where you can provide the placement of your products. (series, TV shows) Similarly, for the Events Produced by GEM. (eg: Cannes Starlette®, Creation of a live TV studio, World Luxury TV on a private beach during the International Film Festival of Cannes). The members of the Club Premium Partner will be invited to graft their own PR operations for their best Clients & Prospects. Get your personalised and dedicated video captation, royalties free, to share it to where you want!

Cannes Festival 2016

Cannes Festival 2016

Channels TV
Cannes Festival 2016

Cannes Festival 2016
Partners will have a dedicated and exclusive access to THE


THE Live Museum Cinema™ is a place where we meet and we speak about ancient words that are refund today, is a place where the memory are rising up on the surface and all the project become alive. It is the Live Museum Cinema™ which brings together professionals of the 7 th Art , initiating intelligent creative synergies fields with good vibes to create together a greener world.

GEM's Mansion

A luxury villa the most private place of our Global Organisation headquarter of World Luxury TV. Enjoy our Art of Life & share the new luxury code. France has the history, Italia has the romance, New York has the diversity. Moscow has the authenticity, Every Country city has its own Elegance. WORLD LUXURY TV has got GEM's Mansion.

Products Placement

Product placement, advertising sales on connected TVs.Your products available in our telecast. Actif Placement : TV journalist wears or uses your products during the show. Passive Placement : Your product is visible in the cameras field.

Our aim for the comming months is to contribute to #RebuildForests
seed a greener world, #FutureSahel
Please sign ONGs #RebuildForests Petition.
Thank you.

Global Events Management | Sponsors Oportunities

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Sponsors Oportunities

  • Date: 17st to 28 May, 2017
  • During: 70th Cannes Festival
  • Location:French Riviera
  • 999 to 60KF |Members & V.I.Partners
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New Luxury Code™

Luxury has latin origin and means enlightenment, luxury is more than just a product, it is a philosophy. Luxury has no meaning without the knowledge of its code. Luxury Code is the way forward to the start of an important change in our world.

Respect of the Earth
Respect of Air and Water
Respect of Health
Respect of Culture
Ethical Products
Products as Pieces of Art
Products with Soul and Heritage
Ethical Advertisement
Products as Consumer's Services

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Global warning climat change

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