Famous Figures Initial NFT Offering

Dear investors and future founding members,

We are thrilled to present our Initial NFT Offering (INO) aimed at funding the IPTV OTT World Luxury TV™ streaming platform through the « Famous Figures » Classical Hollywood Cinema collection.

This initiative offers a unique opportunity to take part in creating an interactive streaming platform dedicated to the art of living, exceptional places and objects, well-being, entertainment, multidisciplinary creation, and also adult entertainment (neoburlesque, effeuillages…), all while celebrating the golden age of Hollywood through an exclusive collection of 252 photographic generative art portraits of renowned actors and actresses.

Your participation in this NFT offering will help us build a platform that delivers a rich and engaging experience for our audience worldwide.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with World Luxury TV™. Together, let’s redefine the streaming landscape and elevate the way we experience art, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Classic Hollywood Cinema is a collection of 252 utility NFTs and a lifetime membership to the Film Cigar Club. Together, we are paving the way for excellence and innovation in the artistic, audiovisual, and fashion world. As a founding member who loves cinema, art, and timeless elegance, you are about to embark on a truly unique experience that will exceed your expectations.

Your membership positions you at the heart of a community conducive to the blossoming of intelligent and fruitful synergies, thereby creating collaborative and networking opportunities that are both stimulating and enriching. By pooling our resources and expertise, we will create unique achievements that will make their mark in the realms of audiovisual production, events, leisure, and fashion. This collaborative opportunity transcends geographical boundaries, ushering in a new era of creativity and shared success with innovative minds from around the world.

Your membership grants you access to events specially organized alongside prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and currently Marrakech. It’s an opportunity to meet influential figures in the industry, engage in fruitful discussions with renowned directors, and immerse your senses in the fascinating world of cinema through memorable encounters.

As a founding member, you enjoy exclusive access to the Famous Figures Live Show, an experience reserved only for those who share this privilege. Furthermore, unlimited access to all our video recordings opens up to you, allowing you to relive these inspiring moments as much as you desire.

Your commitment to this promising venture is not only an investment in your passion but also in building a strong and influential community. It places you at the heart of the action while enjoying unique and exceptional benefits.

Only 252 comfortable seats!


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The Famous Figures Collection

Generative photo portraits of classic Hollywood cinema icons, created by Don Clai. These icons unlock virtual and IRL membership to the Film Cigar Club and its partner World Luxury TV™. Welcome to Famous Figures Live, an exclusive live television show for the owners of the 252 NFTs in the Famous Figures collection. Your NFT contains locked content, accessible only by its owner. The contract creator takes care of updating them with content provided also by the community, thus reinforcing the intrinsic value of your NFT. Members enjoy airdrops, interactions with special guests, bold shows, as well as the opportunity to become speakers, reporters, create their own shows, and participate as actors in the cinematic adventure initiated by the community. Each member, wherever they are in the world, will be able to express their talent, passion, and creativity, or that of a friend, simply by using their smartphone or webcam to go live on the Famous Figures Live show.

The INO offers an innovative approach to crowdfunding, based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) technology. These NFTs of type ERC721A are unique digital assets registered on the Polygon blockchain, granting special ownership and value to their holders. Each NFT represents a unique photographic portrait of a famous actor or actress from Hollywood’s golden age and unlocks access to online content.

Thanks to Darkblock, the innovative feature of each NFT is that it also acts as a « vault » containing exclusive content accessible only by the NFT owner. The contract creator ensures regular updates to this content, which can be provided by the community, thereby enhancing the intrinsic value of the Famous Figures collection and, consequently, your NFT. Funding the « Famous Figures Live » show through the Classical Hollywood Cinema collection is a key element of our vision. World Luxury TV™ is an interactive livestream & VOD platform that reimagines the community experience and online participation. By integrating interactive features like chat, voting, games, and transparent e-commerce into live shows, we create an immersive experience that enables viewers to actively participate, interact with presenters and experts, engage in shows, vote, show appreciation, and make real-time purchases.

The Famous Figures collection, on the other hand, pays tribute to the golden age of Hollywood cinema, an era that gave rise to legendary actors and actresses and timeless cinematic masterpieces. NFT owners will have the opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history and access exclusive content, such as interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, dedicated « Famous Figures » live shows, and special benefits like full access to all our video captures, merchandise, priority on exceptional product purchase options, live participation in our shows directly from your smartphone or webcam, and even in-person access to World Luxury TV™’s private lounge, the Film Cigar Club.

The INO offers a unique opportunity to invest in this promising project and contribute to the realization of our shared vision. The funds raised through the INO will be used for the technological development of the World Luxury TV™ channel, the creation of high-quality content, marketing and platform promotion, as well as expanding the Famous Figures: Classical Hollywood Cinema collection with new updates and additional features for the holders of NFTs from the exclusive « Famous Figures » collection.

By participating in this initial NFT offering, you can expect to :

To possess a piece of cinematic history : The NFTs from the Famous Figures collection allow you to own unique photographic portraits of Hollywood cinema legends, providing a special connection to the golden age of film

Exclusive access to content : NFT holders of the Famous Figures collection will benefit from privileged access to locked exclusive content. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Film Cigar Club, attending our Live shows, Old Jazz evenings, animated cigar tastings with interactive exchanges with experts, fashion shows and collection presentations, in-depth interviews with stylists, creators, designers, behind-the-scenes videos, and occasionally daring special events, and much more – all from the comfort of your own environment!

Contribute to the realization of a shared vision : Your participation in this offering will contribute to the technological development of the World Luxury TV™ channel, the creation of high-quality content, marketing, and platform promotion, as well as the expansion of the Famous Figures: Classical Hollywood Cinema collection with new updates and additional features for the holders of NFTs from the highly selective « Famous Figures » collection.

Opportunity to be part of a passionate community : By joining our INO, you become a founding member of a dynamic and enthusiastic community, sharing a common interest in cinema, digital art, lifestyle, cigars, sensuality, exceptional products, and new technologies. With a keen appreciation for sensual experiences, you will have the chance to participate in exclusive events, meet industry experts, and collaborate with other passionate founding members of Film Cigar Club

Being a part of the future’s entertainment : By investing in this promising project, you become a key player in the future of entertainment, actively participating in the creation of an interactive streaming platform that reimagines the community experience and online participation.

Join us in this exciting adventure and be among the first to own one of these 252 pieces from this unique collection. Together, we will build a future where luxury, lifestyle, shared time, and technology come together to offer an unparalleled, participative, interactive, and immersive online Live TV Shows experience.

Indeed, there are only 252 photographic portraits, resulting in 252 NFTs, in the « Famous Figures » Classical Hollywood Cinema collection.

The World Luxury TV™ and FilmCigarClub team extends their gratitude for your attention and support.

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